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Meet Cattie

Noonday Collection Headshots by Jessica Ly Studio

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Hi there, I’m Cattie (sounds like “katie”)!

I’m a Jesus-follower, writer, and speaker from Kansas City, MO. (Not Kansas. It’s confusing, I know.)

Here are a few things that make my heart beat faster:

I love creating. First of all, craft stores smell amazing, like fresh paper and art supplies and magic. I love to get crafty and creative with friends and make something beautiful. Put a paintbrush or a guitar in my hands and I am a happy camper and occupied for hours.

I love home. I am a homebody. I love all the things that go into creating and loving a home, even if I’m still learning and not always that great at them yet. Feeding my favorite people, making my space feel cozy and inviting, even laundry – I secretly find joy in it, even if I stink at staying on top of it and would rather be watching Netflix in my stretchy pants sometimes. I love my neighborhood in downtown Kansas City, my job, my community, and walks near the river and the farmer’s market. But I also find it super essential to have a safe place to go and decompress after a day of being out in the world, and for me, that is my apartment with my comfy couch, giant throw blanket, and my two bunnies. I hope that others find my home to be a safe and welcoming place, too, and that they would leave feeling better than when they got here. Gathering around my table with friends and family feeds my soul. I love traveling, too, but I love being home more than just about anywhere else.

I love people. People are one of the ways God shows me His heart the most. I am daily in awe of their courage, compassion, and resilience, and how everyone I meet is so uniquely an image-bearer of God. I think most people drastically underestimate their worth and capability to be world-changers. I absolutely believe we are better together, and we need each other. One of my favorite places to be is huddled around a cup of tea (or wine) with a close friend or two, dying of laughter or holding space for each other’s struggles. Large groups of people give me hives, but small gatherings where we can really connect and I can be my authentic self? I’m there.

I love writing. My roots are in teaching and social work, and I love to read, so I spend a lot of time steeped in words. I’ve learned that whether it is a poem, novel, TED talk, or post on social media, our words matter and they absolutely have the ability to do amazing or devastating things. I hope that you find some encouragement here and that my words would always be in the business of building you up rather than tearing you down. (If I fail at this, please call me out on it.)

I love Jesus. Most of my life is spent stumbling over my two left feet trying to follow this middle eastern rabbi who turned the world upside down. I really do believe He has all the answers and all the wisdom, and one look at His life shows me He is different from everyone else. Everything about Him stirs my heart and makes me want to be like Him – the way He welcomed outcasts and broken people, the way He criticized harmful religious ideas, how He fed people and healed them as He preached to them. He has and continues to save my life, heal my heart, lead me into crazy adventures, and adore me beyond what I could ever understand or deserve. I need Him completely, and I try to live a life of adoring Him back.

Here you will find thoughts on everything from theology and social justice to my favorite foolproof pie crust recipe. I make exactly zero promises to stay on topic. What I do promise to do is my best. Together, we will pursue authenticity, love, goodness and grace. I hope this little online space might give you hope, make you laugh, or even make you say “me too.” Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!