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Day 18: Nothing // 31 Days of Hope in Brokenness


photo: Leah Kelley

Hi there! This is day 18 of a series I’m writing this October called 31 Days of Hope in Brokenness. You can find the entire series here: 31 Days of Hope in Brokenness. 

Today, I have a song for you. I want you to hear this story with your heart instead of your ears, as much as you can:

I want to talk about some different sorts of nothing that this song makes me think about. First: nothing, and I mean nothing, can separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. If you think you have messed up so badly that you have wrecked His plans for you and your life, I have good news, friend: you are not that powerful. There is nothing you can do to screw up His love for you or your calling in Him. You can run – He will send armies of angels after you to help you find your way back. You can stop participating – He will wait patiently. Face it, God just adores you. I know, it’s crazy. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch underneath a pile of warm laundry I’m supposed to be folding and wake up three hours later with one dried-out contact lens stuck to my face, and God still loves me. It’s probably the most unbelievable truth about life that I know. His love is big and wide and generous, okay? He loves us at our best and at our worst. (Bless.) 

The reason I wanted you to listen to this song with me and soak in its message is because I know from experience that those of us walking through some brokenness often need reminding of two things:

There is nothing you can do that will make God love you any more or any less, and

There is nothing that can heal your heart like the blood of Jesus.

Sit with those a little. He is whispering to your heart. Take a moment to intentionally rest in the security of these truths: if we believe the Scriptures and there is nothing that will separate you from Christ’s love, then no matter what you do, you are safe in His arms. Isn’t that nice to know? That we literally are incapable of messing this up gives me so much hope, because this girl can mess up with the best of them. I hope it gives you hope, too. I hope it gives you so much hope that you can’t contain it all and you have some to give away to other people. I hope it makes you feel like you can breathe again from relief. It does for me. It takes a while to figure out that it’s okay, we can let our guard down with God. He already knows everything about us anyway. Nothing surprises Him.

On the other side of the coin, we know that nothing can heal like Jesus. He is just so good at putting us back together and somehow getting us to turn out even better than we were before we fell apart. Now that you know you are safe with Him, bring Him your worst stuff and watch Him do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine. Instinctively we want to hide our worst sins and failures and wounds from Jesus, maybe afraid He will look at us and think, nope, too much. But it’s never too much for Him. Nothing is too much for Him.

May you head into the world today knowing in your bones that nothing can separate you from the love of God, and may you leak that same love on others who are waiting for it. May you go on your way completely and utterly aware of what you are worth to Christ, and what He paid to get you back. May you understand fully that there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less or any more, and that nothing can heal your brokenness like the blood of Jesus. And in your healing, may you point others who are broken toward your Healer who loves you so with no strings and zero catches. He is the answer. There is nothing and no one better. Nothing.


4 Responses to Day 18: Nothing // 31 Days of Hope in Brokenness

  1. Love this post! There is nothing we can do to make Him love us less! Praise Him!

  2. So hard to take in the wide and unending love of God. Thanks for sharing

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