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Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus // Advent: An Invitation to Hope


photo: Igor Ovsyannykov

Advent and the arrival of Hope and Goodness into the world makes my heart sing. So this year, we are taking a closer look at some of my favorite Advent hymns. Each Sunday during Advent 2017, check back on EverydayGrace.net to find a new post and a new song, which I hope will fill you with the joy of Christ’s birth. Press play above while you read, sink into hope and rest awhile. This Advent season, let’s remember Who we wait for and sing Him into our world together. As the season unfolds, you can find all the posts here: Advent 2017: An Invitation to Hope.


Come, thou long expected Jesus,
born to set thy people free…

Oh, Jesus, how badly we need You.

Things are so broken, and we have done so much of the breaking ourselves. Racism. Sexual assault. Injustice. Allowing people into power who brag about assaulting women and children. We buy and sell one another. We turn our eyes away from ¬†oppression of the marginalized and thus we participate in it. We have a general lack of empathy, especially for those who are different from us. (more…)

Advent 2017: An Invitation to Hope


Guys, I am so excited to share this project with you. I’ve been working something really different for Advent this year, and this series is probably the most risky and vulnerable thing I’ve ever put on the big giant internet, but I hope you will love it! Here are the details:

WHO: You and me and Jesus, friends.

WHAT: A two-part series on Advent beginning 12.3.17.

WHEN: The first two Sundays of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas.

WHERE: Right here on EverydayGrace.net. You can also follow along on my Facebook page here!

WHY:¬†Christmas is so full of challenges relating to family, busyness, social anxiety, and big moments. This year, there seems to be even more weighing on us as our country feels more divided than ever, and no one can agree on what the Christian response is to our current political, racial, and socioeconomic tension. I would humbly submit to you that a good place to begin is worship. In the middle of all our brokenness, God’s Christmas gift to us is His very own self. Because of this compassionate God, people have written hymns and praise songs for thousands of years, but some of these have grown so familiar that we lose touch with the meaning of the words. My hope is that by looking at two Advent hymns with fresh eyes together, we can gain insight into the heart of the truly unique God that we serve, and in turn become wiser about how to live out our hope in the world we inhabit, even in the middle of the mess. Our cry this Advent: Fix it, Jesus. Help us learn to love like You.

When the series is done, the posts will appear right here as well! Come back on Sunday, December 3 for the first one. Thanks for being the best readers in the whole wide world.

Part 1: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Part 2: Away in a Manger